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Don's Doodle Page

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Don's Doodles         "FINDING YOUR PASSION IN LIFE"

I was thinking the other day, while driving to another concert, "Why are we still traveling and singing after 40 plus years? My thoughts said to myself, I know it isn't for the money or fame, for we have neither. It has to be...because it's our passion and divine calling!

Thinking more, this came to mind, for a person to enjoy their chosen occupation, it's imperative they to find something that utilizes their talents and is their passion! If not, often they will just put in their time each day and become very unsettled, unhappy unfulfilled, not current with the times, and eventually nonproductive. The same reasoning is true when seeking to find their ministry in the church.

The Gateways have been together for well over 40 years. How did that happen and why are they still at the work God called them to do? It's their passion and calling! Yes, it helps to be related, our two wives being sister, but that's not the answer. We found early in life the best way to invest our God-given talents. Those talents had to be cultivated and frequently exercised in order for God to use them. If they had just sat at home, not practiced, and not have been willing to travel all the miles, God would have not received the good His church has over 37 years.

Let me ask you, " Have you found your passion and your calling in ministry?" If not, most likely you are a frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled, not relating to current times, and thus have become a nonproductive Christian.

Listen closely. ALL of us are the product of: our parents, choices, decisions, mentors, many prayers of family and friends, and challenging circumstances God has allowed. We don't have any choice in our family of origin or circumstances that life sends our way. We do have control over other aspects of our lives like, our friends, mentors, choices, decisions and what talents we develop. These life choices give God greater opportunities to make a difference in his church with the energy He grants us each day.

My dad, Donald Hunt, had a passion for his family, writing, teaching, preaching, and winning the lost. His passion kept him busy in God's kingdom for over 60 years. Don's mom, Margaret Hunt (86), still teaches 15 piano and voice lessons each week plus has 10 - 12 Bible studies each week with ladies in the church and community of Ottumwa IA where she lives.

Dave's dad, Edwin McSpadden had a passion for his family, preaching God's Word, working with young people, and missions that kept him busy in God's kingdom for over 58 years in NE, OH, and CA. Dave's mom, Nita McSpadden, had a quilt ministry that took herself and oldest daughter, Carol Sheldon, around the country doing interactive presentations for ladies groups. (Nita received her heavenly reeward Christmas Day 2012.)

Jan and Vikki's parents, Paul and Bettine Gilliland, were very active in the Church of Christ in Centerville IA until the Lord called them to be in the presence of Jesus. They took all four children of their children to youth camps, youth rallies, area singspirations, and would often drive across several states to take their family to a church conference. It paid great dividends. Three of their children are in full-time ministry today. Their children keep   planting "good seeds" for Jesus in people's hearts.

We are indebted to all six of our parents who invested their lives and energy in the Lord's church and then passed their faith and work ethics onto their children. All of our parents had a passion for Jesus and four of them are now in the presence of Jesus. They served God with a passion until their lives ended. That's why Revelation 14:13 is in the scriptures.

"Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, 'Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.' 'Yes,' says the Spirit, 'they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them'"

We honor our parents for helping us creating a passion in our hearts. We're certain they wondered about us back in 1969 when we first drove away from Iowa on a summer-long tour in that old 1954 Ford school bus. This passion has since taken us across the nation numerous times; to encourage Christians and share the good news that "Jesus will save his people from their sins." This passion spurs us on in our daily walk as we look forward to again being with our family and loved ones whoare already in the presence of Jesus.

Go to and you will read several encouraging postings about Don's father. 


Victor Knowles (POEM Ministries from Joplin MO) wrote a 100 + page biography on Donald Hunt's life. The book is called, "Good and Faithful Servant, The Simple Stimulating Story of Donald G. Hunt." You can order a copy by e-mailing d $10 including shipping and send to:

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