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Family Renewals

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What are Family Renewals?

The Gateways are a two family team. Each family has six children who are all activily sharing their talents in the church. We've faced challenges, as all families do, yet praise God for helping us to successfully raise godly families.

Our world is no different than your world. FAMILY RENEWALS allow us opportunities to share encouraging messages, couched in our uplifting music, to teach families in the church about various issues facing the family.

We often develop the theme, Building Stronger Families, Celebrating the Family, Festival of Faith, or Spiritual Emphasis.

Working with you and the church allows us to utilize our talents, strengths, specialized training, and ministry skills.Family Renewals affords us more time to interact with the Christians than during a one-hour praise concert.

We usually begin on Friday night and end Sunday noon. Friday night starts with a Praise concert. Prior to our coming, each person in the church should be encourage to invite and bring a friend or visiting family with them.

Friday night

We will include something for everyone that -- from old-time gospel, a capella, contemporary, gospel illusions, testimonies, etc. Also there may be a short message centered around family issues along with our music, humor, etc.

Friday night is a good night to include a common meal for everyone, i.e., a carry-in meal, soups, salads, pies, etc. before the concert or sweet things and finger foods following -- or both!

It's amazing how much ministry happens around food. Study Jesus' life and see how often food was connected with his ministry. Jesus knew where to find people. It's the same today. People often follow their physical appetite to church better than their spiritual appetite.


Can have optional day-time programming with Dr. Dave McSpadden. He often holds MARRIAGE ENRICHMENTS -- morning or afternoon -- your choice. He suggests a 9 A.M. start time concluding with a meal around Saturday noon You will need to contact Dave and work out the daytime schedule and financial details.

(641) 682 - 3857.

For over 30 years, Dr. Dave has worked with counseling. Dave has a small registration fee per couple for the marriage enrichment to cover syllabus materials. Over the years, he has found that couples who invest in their own marriage, come and participate much better than when the church offers a free marriage enrichment.  (641) 777 - 1393  or  682 - 3857.

Don Hunt also presents seminars on the topic of "Coping With Crisis." Don speaks out of his life experience of having a stroke -- brain aneurysm -- at age 24. His words and example have been a source of encouragement to thousands across America in person and around the world via his book, "The Overcomer" and his audio / video recording. (641) 856 - 3077 or

Saturday night we again sing and present a message from God's Word centered around various family issues.


We'll conclude with an inspirational worship celebration which includes the communion. We will bring a message of encouragement to each family couched in our music.


The Gateways are a "Faith Ministry." For 40 years we have traveled on a love offering plus mileage basis. For appearances greater than 500 miles, we shop for low airfare/s. We also need a couple of non smoking motel rooms and some calories for our two families while we're with you.

FYI, we usually try to average between $350 - $400 love offering for each service in addition to travel expenses. Sometimes smaller churches budget $150 - $200 per service from their programming budget, adding this to the love offerings collected after each service.

We look forward to working with you; reaching, teaching, and encouraging the church family as they strive to touch their community for Jesus.

Fellow Servants,

Don and Vikki Hunt
Dave and Jan McSpadden
Gateways Singers Ministry, Inc.


Psalms 13: 6 "I will sing to the Lord for he has been good to me."
1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given

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