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Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. Information

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Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. Information

P.O. Box 65 Centerville, IA 52544
Don and Vikki Hunt

(641) 895 - 4868 - Don's Mobile
Dave and Jan McSpadden

(641) 777 - 1393 - Dave's Mobile


The Gateway Singer are from Centerville and Ottumwa, Iowa. As of June 2008, we wil complete our 44th year of ministry. Ministry has taken us to 45 states including Hawaii and Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Jan and Vikki are sisters, making us a family team.

Dave McSpadden, Ph.D.

is a counselor with OVER 30 years of experience -- specializing in family, marriage, addictions, and personal counseling. Don Hunt II is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor with NCC A, helping people deal with crisis moments.


We are a two family team: Don and Vikki Hunt family and Dave and Jan McSpadden family. Jan and Vikki are sisters and each family has three children. All six Little GateWays (cousins) are on their own and have their own personal ministries where they live and serve the Lord.


A variety of music will be presented from acapella, 'old-time gospel' to some contemporary tunes of today. We carry our own BOSE sound system and keep the volume comfortable for everyone.


We record in Oklahoma City, OK with "Benson Sound" and Ottumwa, Iowa. Recordings are produced in Nashville, TN. We have recorded 20 long-play cassette albums; now released on 11 cd's. Please see MUSIC STORE thumbnail for ordering info. You can also hear short samples of some of our songs by clicking on each cd URL and turning on your sound.


Both families are PRIMARILY SUPPORTED by the Gateways' ministry. We travel on $150 travel expenses plus a love-offering basis. Depending on the size of the church, it takes an average offering of $350 - $500 plus travel expenses for each service or concert. The GateWays support two families plus ministry expenses from love-offerings. All love-gift to Gateway Singers Minitry, Inc. are tax deductible by the I.R.S. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.


Financial arrangements are a love-offering plus mileage. The monetary need for a three service weekend (Fri - Sun AM) is $400 per service + mileage for our TWO vehicles. Due to time and the cost factor, air travel may be necessary for 500 or more one-way miles from our homes -- for multiple service appearances. (With bargain airfares, and today's gas prices -- often it's cheaper for us to fly.) And we look for additional bookings in your area to share travel expenses.


We prefer to eat BEFORE each service, and a Sunday noon meal. We like to keep the Saturday noon meal open unless we have a day-time seminar -- like a marriage enrichment.


Due to health and privacy issues, we ask to stay in a motel. Two pre-paid NON SMOKING rooms are sufficient. NO WATER BEDS PLEASE.


Ours is a "Ministry of Encouragement." Programming is family oriented and is filled with plenty of good music, scripture, testimonies, humor, gospel illusions, warmth, tears, praise, etc. There will be something for all ages.


  • PREPARE for the "Family Renewal" and/or "Spiritual Emphasis" weekend. Fill God's house with your family, friends, neighbors, and work associates. Everyone bring one!
  • INVOLVE the entire church family.
  • PRAY for God's Spirit to answer our prayers, ministry's effectiveness, and mutual energies.

Fellow Servants,

Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc.
Don and Vikki Hunt
Dave and Jan McSpadden

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