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Partner Information

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                  Ministry Partners are needed

Be a "Prayer Partner" and a "Ministry Sponsor "

We ask for your prayerful and financial support to help us spread the gospel to the world in word and song! With the ever increasing costs connected with travel, i.e., fuel, vehicle payments, car insurance and maintanence costs, meals, lodging, etc. we need outside help in order to continue! ' thumbnail on our home page.

Please read our PRAYER NEEDS from the "POINTS OF PRAYER thumbnail on the home page.

Thank you for financially supporting the GateWay Singers Ministry Inc.. We depend on God and his people to help us to pursue our passion and "calling"! This partnership is between you and God. His people have allowed us to travel and minister for over 44 years. We trust that the Lord's people will provide our needs. We invite you to partner in this ministry with your mission gifts.

Three Financial Ways to Help

There are three specific ways in which you can become a financial partner:

One Time Partnership (love gift)

This option allows you to help our ministry accomplish its task by giving to the ministry one time.

Monthly Partnership   (Ministry Sponsor)

This option allows you to financially support us on a regular basis. You would simply fill out our ministry support form and send your contribution to our PO Box 65 Centerville, IA 52544 once a month. This helps our ministry budget our income and expenditures wisely. Just fill out the form and return it to us.

Bank Draft Partnership  (You will need to work this process out with your own bank.)

Once set up, this option is the simplest for you to donate to GateWay Singers Ministry, Inc. . You would fill out the bank draft form and send it to us. This form authorizes our bank to electronically withdraw your specified donation from your bank account. The donation would appear on your monthly bank statement. This is accomplished through our local bank. This is the new and most widely used form of monthly donations. It is hassle free and easy. Just fill out the Monthly Bank Draft Partnership form and return it to us. Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc., is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation, EIN #26-1648452.  Nothing was given in exchange for this donation. 


God continues to bless us with many opportunities for ministry around America and the world via our recordings. Annually we average about 100 appearances each year. Many of our invitations come from small rural churches who cannot afford to invite BIG TIME talent to come to their church. We accept invitations on a love-offering basis and request additional $150 expenses + love offering basis..

Travel is very expensive

You've seen the rising costs of fuel for operating your car/s. Most of the $150 travel expenses plus love offering basis.  unless we are in an extended appearance. Then we request mileage for our vehicles and a love offering at each service.

For 40 years, our ministry policy has been to not turn down a request for our ministry due to a lack of funds. In order to remain a "FAITH MINISTRY", outside support from our friends and churches is imperative. Thank you for believing in our "ministry of encouragement" that thouched thousands of hearts each year for Jesus Christ..

All contributions to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. is tax deductible. Again, we are recognized by the I. R. S. as a non profit organization. EIN #26-1648452. We are researching a way to receive on-line donations. Until then, you will need to use our PO Box adress. (Nothing will be given in exchange for your donations.) Thank you for partnering with us with your prayers and finances!

To support Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc., send your love-gifts to:

Gateway Singers Ministry Inc.

PO Box 65

Centerville, IA  52544



GSMI office       (641) 895-4868 - mobile

Fellow Servants,

GateWays Singers Ministry, Inc.

Don and Vikki Hunt
Dave and Jan McSpadden


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