Bank Draft Form
Ministry Financial Partner

Dear Gateway Singers,

I want to share in the work of The Gateway Singers. I hereby authorize The Gateway Singers
to draw on my account each month on the 1st or 15th (circle one) day
in the amount of $________________. (please allow 5 days from draft day for draft to reach your account).

This authorization will remain in effect until I notify you or my bank in writing.


(please print)



city:__________________________________ state:_______ zip:_______________

home #:______________________ work #:________________________________


bank information


city:__________________________________state:________ zip:_______________

bank phone:________________________________________

checks to be drawn on account under the name of:


bank number:______________________account number:________________________
(copy all numbers on bottom of check, except check number)

amount of draft:__________________________


Please return completed form with a check for the first month's support.

Please print and return completed form to:

The Gateway Singers. · P.O. Box 65, Centerville, IA 52544· e-mail:

Monthly Bank Draft Form

This option allows you to help our ministry accomplish its task by giving to the ministry on a monthly basis.