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Gateway Singers Ministry Inc. Newsletter

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Dear Friends of the Gateways,

Dave and Jan McSpadden and Don and Vikki Hunt send our greetings to your family from our families. We had a semi busy 2014 during our 45h year of ministry. Our 46th year is filing as we speak. God granted us another year of safety over thousands of miles. PTL!


Due to some unspoken health and family challenges, we had to reduce the amount of time on the road in 2014. We still witnessed several baptisms as well as many people who publically and privately communicated their desire to recommt their lives to the Lord and His church. Below are portions of some recent e-mails from our "inbox".

It was so good to hear the Gateways last night. Every song was uplifting and especially yours Don. I can now relate much more  than I ever have before and thank you for singing it. It blessed my heart. L. S.  Iowa

I just want to tell you again how much you mean to us and the work of the Lord.  Glen  Iowa

We appreciate your ministry and pray God will continue to bless and use your songs to strengthen His people everywhere you go.  I am still touched by "God Will Make this Trial a Blessing". T.H. Missouri

I just thought I would tell you guys you did a wonderful job and it has touched me forever. Chelsie Missouri

I just sent the gateways a $10 contribution. You should receive it shortly. It.s not much and I'm not sure  it will be every month but I'll do what I can to help. Michael  California

I want to say that the Family Renewal Revival was really great. I loved hearing about each one of your lives. I sat in the front every night and was sad to see you go. I look forward to seeing the Gateway Singers again. Lacey  Missouri

We thank those of you who partnered with our work. Thank you for prayfully and financially support this "faith ministry" during the lean winter months.

We thank many of our friends for your love-gifts and prayers. You are the life blood of our ministry. Your belief in our families and support of our ministry allows God to call us to sing, teach, preach, counsel, and encourage thousands of people in person each year here in America -- as well as through our recordings around the world.

The Gateways thank you for writing to us. Your words encourage in person, via our "inbox",and our mail box keep on at the task of whole-heartedly serving Jesus with our talents. Again we thank you for your consistent prayerful and financial support of the GateWay Singers Ministries, Inc.

1 Corinthians 9:14 (NIV) In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.

Fellow Servants,

Don and Vikki Hunt
Dave and Jan McSpadden
Gateways Singers Ministry, Inc.

Phone: (641) 856-3077 (641) 895 - 4868 - cell




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