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Psalms 104:33-34 "I will Sing to the Lord all my life; I will Sing praises to my God as long as I live. May my thoughts (meditations) be pleasing to Him. As I rejoice (am happy) in the Lord".

Vikki Hunt in a horiffic car accident with a multiple miracle story following.

Vikki was seriously injured in a car accident, Saturday, October 14, 2017. She was traveling back home to Centerville from Ottumwa, Iowa. Four miles west of Ottumwa, in a bad rain storm, her car hydoplaned into on-coming traffic and was T-Boned on the driver's door. It took 1 1/2 hours to get Vikki out of the car. Both of her lower legs were crushed with mutiple compound fractures between her ankles and knees. Her right femer was broken and her left pelvis, left collarbone, and left scapula were cracked.

By the time they got her to the Ottumwa emergency room, she had lost so much blood that her hemoglobin was down to five (5) and she coded once. They gave her blood and put her in a chopper to Mercy hospital in Des Moines. She coded  second time in flight.

I was not notified via a sherrif deputy handing me a note for three hours about the accident. A Serrif deputy haded me a note saying, "Call this number, you wife was in a bad car accident west of Ottumwa. " By the time I got to Des Moines with family, Vikki had already coded twice and was on total life support. After arriving in Mercy she received 23 units of blood. (Many units of blood at first and then allot through her many many surgeries that we actually lost count after surgery #13 or so.

After a month in Mercy, she was transferred to Iowa City University Hospitals where they decided both of her lower legs were too damaged to be saved. In the meantime her kidneys shut down and she had to go on dialysis. Plus when an antibiotic and another diretic drug were given at the same time, she lost 65% of her hearing in both ears. (When those two drugs get together, they kill the auditory nerses.) After her hearing loss, Vikki was immediately sent back to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.

What a nightmare journey! Here is a PTL! After six weeks of dialysis, Vikki's kidneys woke up. We will tell you how that happened a bit later.  Vikki spent the last six (6) weeks of her 90 days in the hospital at Mercy in acute rehab before being released to go home on January 13, 2018.

In home therapy has been positive since getting back home. Her stubs have healed well, and she now has two lower leg prothetics which definitely are a challenge. Vikki remains with some dizziness issues from the accident impact. Dizzy and balance do not go well together!

We thank everyone the GATEWAY TEAM through these difficut moments. . We thank all who prayed, sent cards of encouragement, and sent needed funds to financially help through this difficult time. Please keep praying. We have a long ways to go before she will be vertical on her prothetics and without a walker.

For Vikki Hunt updates - The latest update is posted by date. Thank you for praying and staying in touch. 

June 10, 2018  The Gateways just reurned home tonight from a Sunday night praise concert at the Bayard, Iowa City Center. We were sponsored by the Bayard Church of Christ, Bob Rogers, minister. We started singing at the church over 40 years ago so we sawmany long-time friends. Vikki sings well, although she has trouble hearing even with quality hearing aids. There were many smiles, tears, and well wishes for Vikki.

This past month home health-care ended and Vikki began outpatient therapy at the Centerville hospital. She goes there a week because we built 12 foot long parallel bars in out dining room. So Vikki can walk as many lengths a day as she physically is able. She is coached and supervised with exercises to do at home.

This past month Vikki was released from the kidney specialist. We PTL because her kidney numbers are good and thats an answer to many of your prayers!

Last week we went to a neurologist in Des Moines hoping to find help with dizziness issues. The specialist basically shrugged his shoulders saying he didn't have any solutions other than recommending we see a physical therapist who specializes in dizziness issues. It just so happens that the Centerville therapy Dept has a trained therapist who works with VOR dizziness retraining. Annd the amazing thing, the terapist lives in our own neighborhood.  Vikki alsi has been seeing another trained specialist in Jefferson Iowa who is helping her with neurological imbalance issues following her accident. We have been very impressed with him so much so that Don is going to start seeing him to deal with his residual hemi-paresis paraylis issue from his brain aneurysm back in 1974, 44 plus years ago.

Please continue to pray for Vikki to get relief from dizziness and that the exercises she is now doing will be effective. Pray that her balance will improve so she can walk with her loft-stran crutches away fro her parallel bars.


1) We are looking for a good used handicap minivan with hand controls. If you have connections to one or can help us find and get into one, please contact Don.  or 

They are incrediably expensive, even for a used handicapped mini-van. This past Spring generous couple in CO donanted an older 1995 fullsize GMC van with a power lift. However it needed allot of mechanical work and the AC was missing an important part that is no longer available because it's 23 years old, so we have to keep looking. A minivan will work best for us than a full-size van. And a ramped van with hand controls will be a safer option for us. Your help is appreciated!

2) We misplaced a card from Paul Edwards and have lost his contact info. If you know him, please ask him to email or call Don. 

3) We are still planning on staying in our current home by adding a ground level garage on the bedroom end of our house along with a handicap bathroom with roll-in shower and roll in closet on the end of the grounf level garage. Our laundry and current garage is now in our basement under our house.

Vikki really needs the roll-in bathroom, roll-in closet, and ground level garage to be safe. Our home needs to be modified so that if something were to happen to me, she could take care of herself.

The Christian volunteer builders from LaHarpe, IL are saying, we are looking at a strong 50 grand to do the cement work on our house and build the master bath / master bedroom addition. So between now and the last of October we need to raise the money. Thank you to many who have already contributed to help Vikki. We are receiving donated funds, yet with medical bills, medical equipment, etc. we have a long ways to go.

At our age, it's not wise stewardship to go into debt and we won't! Send all tax deductable donations to:

Gateway Singers Ministy, Inc.

PO Box 65  Centerville, IA  52544

and put "construction" in the memo line of your gift. Thank you. You can send cards of encouragement directly to Vikki at our home address. 

Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista

Centerville, IA  52544

Your cards really encourage her!  She anticipates getting the mail each day!

May 13, 2013  Happy Mother's Day. Thanks to your prayers and God's goodness, grace, and healing hand, Vikki and I had another Mother's Day together. Several things have changed and developed since our last post. Home health care ends tomorrow. So therapy will now be out-patient. Pray that we will be led to the right therapy dept and therapist who can work wih Vikki for strength, balance, and ability to walk on two prothetic legs and feet. 

Our local lumber yard build a 12 foot long wooden platform for a pair of parallel bars that are now in our dining room. The parellel bars were put together by Bro. Joel Griner from Des Moines. This will allow Vikki to most of her leg and core stregtheningexercises with the support of the bars. She can safely walk whenever and as long as she can riht here at home. She is learning to walk with loftstands (forearm) crutches and can safely do that within the parallel bars.

We purchased a used stair-lift's to go from upstairs to our basement. Vikki OT found it online and Bro. Danny Busick, elder at Newtown Chr Ch and Joel Griner installed it. It is a blessing for both Vikki and me and steps are an enemy to both of us.

After much thought, prayer, and discussion, we have decided the better option for us right now is to live right here, but only on the top level of our house. We can get to the basement but in the long run, safety, user friendly, and affordability at our age are paramount.  120k for a new one-level house versus 50k for a one level garage / master bath and master closet is better stewardship for us at this point. We will have the laundry moved upstairs, have enough space for visiting famly, and are happy, comfortable, and well acquainted in our neighborhood.  Several of our neighbors brought us our evening meal for the first 3 months we were home from the hospital. And emotional it is too much to ask vikki to not only to get walking without her legs and feet with prothetics plus ask her to move.

Thak you Lord for clarity, for leading us in the future, and for providing for us through your people who are generous and supportive. All gifts sent to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. are appreciate, needed, and tax deductable.

May 1, 2018 Vikki and I celebrated our 48th anniversary today. May Day 1970, we were married in Vikki's home Church of Christ in Centerville, Iowa. So tonight, we went out to eat together and re-lived some of our marriage moments. Don's dad, Donald G. Hunt and his grandfather, Archie Word, officiated the wedding.  Some website readers will recognize some of the names of friends who stood up with us, Jan Gilliland McSpadden, ,Debbie Crist York, Roberta Runner Schafferner, Marilyn Agenter Paul, Ron Hunt, Dave McSpadden, Mike York, and Leonard Harris stood up with us. Whatever was said that day must have stuck with us. Four short years later, Don had a brain aneurysm, July 16, 1974. Vikki took care of Don then with his left-sided paralysis and now it's Don's turn to care for Vikki - 44 years later.

Home PT and OT are going well. The home health nurse and home aid have been stopped because Vikki is doing so well. Walking with a walker is going well. Tomorrow the PT therapist is going to try her walking with prothetics and two arm crutches. Parallel bars would help that. We are going to either build or try and rent a set of parallel bars to put in our dining room, so she can get many more reps in a day than when she starts going to out-patient therapy, 3 times a week, starting in mid May.

Please continue to pray about Vkki' dizziness and her balance. Thank you for your cards of encouragement sent to our home address and for your tax deductable love-gifts to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. to help with medical bills and home construction / modifications. Please put "construction" in the memo line on your check. Thank you for your generous spirits.

Don and Vikki Hunt

April 16, 2018   Vikki continues to gain strength in her upper body and lower quad muscles. Vikki feels the floor through her knees.  Without feet and ankles, it takes allot of inner “core muscle strength” to have good balance. She is making positive progress!

Vikki's new prosthetic legs gives her knees more support and have definitely increased her walking distance and speed with a walker. They help the length of time she wears them each day and also getting in and out of our SUV.

Her attitude and mindset is strong as well as with stated determination to walk and conquer. Home therapy continues 3 days each week, so we are still considered home-bound. They are mostly working on balance and domestic home issues. Vikki continues doctoring for dizziness. Pray her dizzy feeling will go away. Dizzy and balance mix about like water and oil.  Feeling dizzy is miserable, frustrating, and definitely limiting.

The Gateway Singers sing April 29 at 3 PM at the Blockton, IA Christian Church. We have sung there multiple times over the past 48 years and have sung in their city park a few times. And through their mission’s outreach and individual mini-sponsor’s love-gifts, the Blockton Christians have shown their belief in our “ministry of encouragement” by supporting our work for Jesus on a monthly basis for many years. It will be good to return and see our long-time Christian friends from the area churches.  If you are within driving distance, come that afternoon, enjoy our music, and encourage us with your presence, hugs, and smiles. (Blockton is in southern IA and close to the MO line between Mt Ayr and Bedford, IA. Going south, take the 3rd gravel exit to the right.) You will leave with good feelings toward the Lord and witness the marvelous grace of Jesus and His miraculous healing power with Vikki in so many ways over the past 6 months.

We are working on a floor plan for a one-level house and ministry office that would be safe, user friendly for Vikki and me, and be cost effective at our age. Pray for guidance and direction and God’s leading in all decisions. If it’s God’s will, pray that plans will come together and funds will become available to make this happen.  Write “CONSTRUCTION” on the memo line of check donation. Send tax deductible love-gifts checks to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc.   PO Box 65 Centerville, IA  52544

Send cards of encouragement to our street address in March 31st post below. Your thoughts, cards, words of encouragement are helpful! When life is difficult, leaning on the Lord, family, and friends makes a huge difference!  Thank you for standing with us, for your friendships, and for your prayers. God is good and able to meet all our needs in Christ Jesus.   Philippians 4:19


Don and Vikki Hunt

April 3, 2018  The Gateway Singers sang Easter Sunday morning worship hour at The Church at Fourth & Washington in Ottumwa, IA. This was our first concert since Vikki's car accident last October 14. It was good to have her back singing with us and she did an amazing job of singing and thanking the cpeople for their prayers.  We are blessed to be able to sing again as a team again. Thank you for your prayerful support.

Sould the church you attend desire a special praise concert some Sunday evening or an occassional Sunday AM sercive, please contact DonHunt.  for booking.

Your spirits will be lifted to hear our music and listen to our testimony of God grace, healing hand, and answered prayers! It truly is a miracle to know all Vikki went through and be singing again - less than six months later.

In our living room, I wrote down the sayings displayed on pillows, plaques, wall hanging that surround Vikki. As follows:

Be Still and Know that I am God

It is Well with My Soul

Families Forever

Don't Look back, You're not Going that Way

Pray BIG

Mothers understand What a Child Doesn't Say

Everything ending is a New Beginning Through the Grace of God We can Always Start Again.

Vikki has a great attitude as she faces adversity and huge challenges that seem bigger than life and what she can handle. Pray that her upper body strength and quad muscle strength will get stronger with therapy and exercise. With God, all things are possible! There is no problem in life bigger than our God. Thank you for praying and lifting Vikki and our ministry up before the Lord!

Saturday, March 31, 2018  Tuesday - Thursday of this week Vikki and I were back to Limb Lab in Rochester, MN. We went back to adjust and fine tune both of her lower leg prosthetics. After watching her walk, it was determined by the Limb Lab owner that Vikki's prothetics needed to be remade to give additional support to both of her knees. So Wednesday, everything connected with her prosthetics was made all over again.

Vikki walks better and faster with her new prosthetics with a walker. She now has moveable feet that conform to the ground or walking surface. Yet its like starting all over again. There are now more moving parts, so balance is tougher. Vikki is DETERMINED and confident she will CONQUER with God's help!  After 2 or 3 months of therapy, we will return to Limb Lab to do final adjusting and fine tuning of her prosthetics, laminate them, and put the outside skin-like surface on them.  Vikki has allot of therapy and strengthening work to do between now and when we return to Limb Lab.

While in Rochester this week, we ate Wednesday evening meal at a restarant with Jim and Marette Jorgensen. Marette is the gal who wrote Don's book, "The OVERCOMER" back in the 80's following his brain aneurysm (stroke) in 1974. We enjoyed the good conversation and laughs together around the calorie counter. What inspiration we both receive from close friends as Jim and Marette! They really care. Marrette drove down from the Rochester, MN area to both Des Moines and to Iowa City, once each week to encourage Vikki. Jim came one of the trips to keep Don in-line! Fat chance of that ever happening!

REJOICE WITH US!  The Gateway Singers sing our first concert Easter Sunday, 10 AM at The Church at Fourth and Washington in Ottumwa. It will be good to hear Vikki sing again with the team. We PTL and rejoice in her healing to bring her to this point, two weeks short of six months for the accident. God is good!

Vikki has a great attitude, yet is very fragile at the same time. Your cards of encouragement make her day. She always remembers to send me to get the mail each morning! Let me say, life is not all peaches and cream around here. Everyday life is hard and we have some very "real life moments" at our house right now. And we live in a situation that will never go away. Yet we serve a God who never goes away either!

PTL! Several of our neighbors have been bringing in evening meals to us since we came home January 13. This has allowed Vikki to focus on therapy, getting stronger, and not on meals. We think that has ended now, so Vikki is back in the kitchen. What a blessing our neighbors have been to us!


a) Vikki still struggles with feeling dizzy all the time and especially when she turns her head. Pray for relief!

b) We are ready to move forward and build a safer, user friendly, one level house. We need to come to agreement on a small, yet ample size floor plan. Send any love-gifts to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. Put CONSTRUCTION in the memo line.

Gateway Singers Minitry, Inc.

PO  Box 65

Centerville, IA  52544

Send cards to:

Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista

Centerville, IA  52544

c) Pray for enough funds to be sent for constructing a one-level house. At ourage, we don't see any wisdom is having high debt. We wouldn't be wise stewards and do that. While at the same time, safety is a must...more so than convience. User friendly is nice, but satety, there is no compromise for this one-armed bandit caring for a gal without two lower legs. We have lots of challenges!

d) A couple from CO donated their 1995 full size GMC van. Matt and Wini's future son-in-law, Kyle, did some extensive mechanical updating, yet it still needs some work to be able to get a scooter safely in with the power-lift and to transission onto the front passenger seat. We are grateful for their genrosity. And we appreciate Kyle taking the time to do several repairs. Please pray that in the future we can find a newer affordable trustworthy wheelchair mini-van with a power ramp.

QUESTION: Do any of you know someone who can write grants for disabled that might cover wheelchair vehicles? If you ever price one, even an older wheelchair van can be 20 grand or more and up to 60 grand. If so, that contact person would be helpful for us.

We appreciate your friendships, encouraging words, prayerful support and financial love-gifts. Thank you for standing in the gap for us!

Don and Vikki Hunt


Thursday, Dec 28, 2017 How quickly life can change within a few hours. Who would of thought that a single moment in time would make so many chanes in our family, ministry, and future. Many friends and family have been praying for Vikki Hunt since her horrific car accident on Saturday, October 14. Both of Vikki's lower legs were crushed between her knees and her ankles with numerous compound fractures. It took 1.5 hours for the jaws of life to get her out of the car. She was life-flighted from Ottumwa hospital to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines and coded twice. After arriving in DM, she was given over 23 units of blood. She went through several surgeries attempting to save both of her lower legs.

She was on life support for over a week during the many surgeries. Mercy trauma team suggested she be transferred to Iowa City Hospital for a fresh set of eyes. It was deemed that both of her lower legs were too damaged to save. During the many days in both hospitals, fluid began to gather around her heart. Her body had tried for too long to heal her two lower legs and starved her kidneys for blood, food, and oxygen. So she has been on dialysis since being in Iowa City. Before the dialysis treatments began, the kidney doctors in Iowa City tried to use medications and her kidneys to reduce the fluid around her heart. In so doing, two of the meds took 60% of her hearing.

So we went to Iowa City hoping to save her two lower legs and after 2.5 week there, Iowa City sent Vikki back to Mercy in Des Moines without either of her lower legs, no kidney function, and also without 60% of her hearing.

All the while so many people were praying for Vikki. We are confident that is why Vikki is still with us. Her spirits are good and she is determined to walk again with prosthetic lower legs. Iowa City ortho surgeons were able to save a few inches of both her of her lower legs below her knees. This will make it a bit easier to learn to walk again with two prosthetic lower limbs.

Vikki is now in acute rehab at Mercy in Des Moines. We have a very long ways to go, yet there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep praying for her kidney function to return and that her kidneys will be able to clean her blood.

January 29, 2018 Vikki continues to do well. This morning the Gateway Singers sang for our son-in-law, Brian Felton, mothers memorial service held at the Orleans Church of Christ, Moulton, Iowa. Janice Felton (72), a sweet Christian lady, lost her battle with cancer and God called her to be with Him. Vikki was able to sing with us today! PTL! i asked her if she could hear when we sang. She said, "Not very well." Yet she sounded good and right on pitch as she always is. It was so good to hear her harmony part again today! So rejoice with us the Vikki was able to come and sing. She was tired when we got back home.

Last Saturday, two brothers from "One Family One Purpose" team came from LaHarpe, IL to look at our house for modifications. These brothers have offered to do the sweat (labor) to make our house safe and user friendly for Vikki. We have to raise the funds for materials costs. We expect to hear back from them soon as to what changes they suggest for making house liveable for Vikki's wheelchair and future prosthetic limbs - when she is healed up enough to have her residual lower limbs cast and prosthetics built.

Labor costs will be a huge savings for this project! We so appreciate those brothers for coming to help us. The second thing to do is replace the carpeting with composite hard-wood looking surface flooring. Before that can be done, the dooorways to the house bathroom and bedrooms need to be wider. That has to happen before the flooring can go down in the hallway. (Therapist do not want her walking with prosthetics on slick smooth lamenant flooring, so the kind of flooring we ordered has a rough texture to the flooring surface. Flooring material cost is $3,000- $3,500. The LaHarpe, IL brothers will give us a materials cost estimate for materials in a few days.

Please continue praying about Vikki's dizzy feelings and also for her two residual limbs to completely heal. One is about there and the other is getting closer to being healed.

February 6, 2018 Below is a personal thank you note from Vikki.

"I thank you for your prayers and thoughtful notes of encouragement
over the last three months. God answered many prayers on my behalf. The doctors could not save my two lower legs yet He spared my life, started my kidneys again, and has me here for a purpose. PTL! Lord willing, with hard work, prosthetic limbs, and blessings from above, I WILL WALK AGAIN! Thank you and keep me in your prayers. Until we meet again, may God Bless you and yours.
Vikki Hunt with Gateway Singers Ministry."

Vikki continues her PT, OT, therapy, in-home nurse vistis to dress her residual limbs, and manage her meds. She does exercises each day on her own to get stronger and flexible in her knees enough to be able be a cadidate for prosthetic lower limbs. After laying in a hospital bed for 90 days, everything in her body changed connected with muscletone and flexability.

Her residual limbs have to be completely healed before the prosthetic journey can begin. One leg is healing up faaster than the other, yet both are healing good. And the big wound on the back of her left hand is healing nicely and without skin graft surgery. PTL!

Our home needs many modifications, a ground level garage, and a bathroom Vikki can actual use for shower and stool use. The proposed materials needed for a user friendly addition on our 55 year old raised ranch house is $45,000 and would have our laundry facilities on the upstairs level. The builders would need extra materials to widen doorways and lay down hard surface composite flooring for replacing carpeting in our upstairs, plus do some needed user friendly changes in our kitchen. Modifications are designed to keep Vikki and me safe and create an enviornment for independent living.

The Christian builders will do what our family and the Lord's people decide. They really think that investing 45 grand into this older house would not be the wisest choice becaue its still is a house with steps, small halllway and under sized doorways that may get us through a few years here...but then what?

They suggest the better stewardship would be for them to build us a one-level home with no steps, enough spin room for her wheelchair, and a kitchen with lower cabs, bathroom facilities that are ADA standards, etc. Materials cost for a one-level two bedroom home on a crawl space would be 90 grand plus the cost of an open lot with utility services needed. There would be no labor costs with the Christian, "One Family, One Purpose" brothers and volunteers to build the house.

We are listening to the builders experience and to what God provides to help us make a prudent decision. Should you desire to help meet this need, send your donations to:

Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc.

PO Box 65

Centerville, IA 52544

Designate your donation for the Vikki Hunt Fund and/or on your donation / note.

All gifts to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. are tax deductable. See the our IRS - EIN number at the bottom of this home page. Thank you. And we appreciate prayers for the right decision on our behalf. May God leading be followed is our prayer with modifications, addition, and or one-level house.

February 28, 2018 Vikki has her two lower leg prosthetics. We've been back home from Rochester MN for a week or so with them. She is able to slowly walk with PT supervision. When Vikki and I are home, we are limited to go from sitting to standing position only. Walking with two lower leg prosthetics is a real challenge.

We are taking life one day at a time. We go back to Rochester in another week or so for more adjustments on her prosthetics. She is on a "prosthetics wear schedule". It started with one hour - three times a day. Increasing 30 minutes a day each day times 3. Now its only twice a day with longer wear periods.

We are now up to 4.5 hors twice a day. By the time we go back to MN, we will be at 7 hours a day or what her residual legs can handle.

Vikki's kidneys are doing great! The back of her left hand is almost healed. She will have some scaring, yet her hand works well and the swelling is greatly reduced.


We had the carpet removed from our living room and hallway. Our bathroom door widened from 24" to 32". Could not go wider than that.

The brothers from LaHarpe, IL laid the composite flooring and brother Keith Tuttle widened our bathroom door. Thank you brothers for helping. Those two things have made life easier for Vikki and for me.

The consensus from our family is that steps will always be an enemy for Vikki and for my safety. To be safe, we really need to live in a one-level home that is ADA handicap user friendly. We don't know how God will provide the funding, yet believe He will open a door to make that possible.

Material costs for a one-level house the "One Family - One Purpose" brothers from LaHarpe can build for us is approx 95 grand plus a lot to build on. Vikki and I want less stress in our daily routine and we want to be wise stewards. We think at our age, adding high debt is not wise. So we are praying for God's leading.

The Kairus Benevolent fund has 20 grand for us for medical bills and home modification or new construction. We are receiving medical bills now that medicare and our supplement will not pay. We saw one today that our portion was $1500. Vikki's manual wheelcare was $700 as our part plus numerous other bills. Anyway, medical bills will cut into the available 20 grand real quick. We are grateful we didn't have to pay for 90 days of care, numerous surgeries, etc. The total bill for Vikki has to be super high!

We thank many of you who have prayerfully and financially stood with us. With God answering prayers and your help, we have made it this far and now its time to continue where Vikki will be safe and have user friendly surroundings.

If God leads you to share, make your tax deductible love-gifts to Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. and designate you gift for " Vikki fund".

Gateway Singers

PO Box 65

Centerville, IA 52544


Your cards of encouragement mean allot to Vikki. She looks forward to reading her mail each day. Please send your cards to our home address.

Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista

Centerville, IA 52544

Please pray that Vikki's dizziness with get better. She feels like the world is spinning all the time. Those feelings take a toll on her and limit her ability to keep good balance. So please continue to pray about that. Thank you.

March 6, 2018  PTL! Vikki was able to go to church on March 4th for the first time since October 8th. She wore her prosthetic lower legs and transissioned onto a church chair. And she ran my power point slides with the wireless presenter. It was good to have her back in church and at the power point helm. Everyone was thrilled to see her. We had a great celebration service!  The former minister, Merle Dean Prater, who was minister for over 40 years in the church, and his extended family were in attendance too because his 90th birthday was March 5th. Vikki and I were invited to the Prater's birthday dinner following at a restaurant on the Centerville square. It was good to go out to eat with their family and with Vikki.

Vikki is walking three times a week when the PT home therapist comes to our house. She walks about 30 feet back and forth several times with the PT. Until Vikki and I are cleared to walk alone together, Vikki sits and stands, and does some walking in place with me. She also stands at the kitchen sink and loves to look outside. From her wheelchair, she says she sees is the bottom of everything.

To help Vikki use her wheelchair and walk with her prosthetics, the One Family, One Purpose brothers from LaHarpe, IL came and laid down a new hard surface floor in the living room and hallway. That has made life much easier for Vikki. At the same time, Keith and Hope Tuttle came and widened our 24" bathroom door to 32 inches and installed a lockable track door in our hallway to the bathroom. The flooring and wider bathroom door has helped Vikki greatly!

Doctors, therapists, and our family feel it s imperative that Vikki and I live in a one-level home without steps which are and enemy for either of us. Please pray or three things:

1) That Vikki's dizziness will be reduced. It happens when she turns her head to the sides. It doesn't seem to be meds driven, so thinking perhaps a closed head injury from the accident. Hopefully it will get less as time move on.

2) Ask God to open an available affordable lot to build a one-level house the One Family- One Purpose brothers say they can build for us by Christmas time.

3) Pray that Vikki and I will have the needed funds to buy the materials for the 1500 sq ft one-level ADA aproved house. That is approx 95 grand plus a building lot price. And ask God to lead us to the right building lot for us to build on.

Lastly, pray that Vikki and I willl come to terms with the fact that our current house will not keep us safe and never be user friendly for Vikki or me. 

Vikki and I live in the house her parents built in 1963. So with exception of a few years in Bible college after 1988, Vikki has always lived in this house. Its difficult to leave, but necessary for safety and user friendly in the years to come.  Our current house may well work short term -- with a few exceptions like the garage being in the basement, shower and bathroom limitations, kitchen cabs and all counter tops being to high, etc.

Will you or the church you attend be willing to help us meet this need? Our decision will be based upon what funds God provides. At both of our ages, we would not be good stewards to go into allot of debt.

You can send tax deductable love-gifts to:

Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc.

PO Box 65

Centerville, IA  52544

Mark your love-gifts for Vikki Hunt fund

Thank you for your generous spirit.

For tax purposes, the GSMI tax deuctable # is: EIN #26-1648452

Your cards of encouragement really help Vikki. Send cards to either our home address

Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista

Centerville, IA  52544

or to

Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc

PO Box 65 

Centerville, IA   52544

Gateway Singers -- Don and Vikki Hunt from Centerville and Ottumwa, Iowa are are a traveling worship team in their 48th year of ministry. Dave and Jan McSpadden and Don and Vikki Hunt have teamed together since 1969 to create some of the sweetest harmonious sounds in gospel music. Both Dave McSpadden and Don Hunt are ordained ministers. We are a two-family ministry, our wives being sisters. Ministry has taken us to 45 states including Hawaii and Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.We have recorded 20 albums available on eleven CDs, available from the MUSIC STORE on this web site and at our appearances. (If you click on MUSIC STORE and then click on a specific CD's URL, you can listen to a few samples of some of our recordings.)

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March 19, 2018  Vikki continues to gain strength and mobility. Her PT and OT are pleased with her progress. Walking with bilateral prosthetics is no piece of cake. Vikki feels the floor through her knees which holds her body weight on the prosthetic lower legs. Vikki can get in our SUV front seat and enjoying some freedom from her wheel chair. She can stand at the kitchen sink and see outside. We also put a new screen door on the front of our house with full view. The other screen door we had was hinged the wrong way for our ramp. This one stays open by stepping on a clicker on the lower plunger, so vikki can go out our front door by herself. Just push the door a little further and it closes by itself.  Brother Keith Tuttle came and installed the screen door and put the composite flooring in our house bath. His help and work has been a real blessing.

Our neighbors have been bringing to us our evening meal since coming home. Patsy Dudenaeffer, 2 doors north of us, has headed up our meals from neighbors. Meals have been a great help because it allows Vikki to focus on getting better rather than cooking.  And if you know me, I am no cook!  I do the dishes as I always have done but just show up to eat. I do the wash and make the bed now too with coching from Vikki, of course. An occassional meal from people at the Promise City church and Orleans church is brought here too.

We go back to Limb Lab in Rochester, MN March 27 and 28 to make needed adjustments with her prosthetics. Vikki walk with a walker a few times each day and is learning to balance on her legs without holding on to anything. That takes allot of energy, strength, and focus when she cannot feel the floor without feet and ankles. 

We have made some helpful home modifications that maywell keep us living in our house for the short term. Taking the 5 or 10 year longer look, we are leaning towards building a one-level house with attached garage that is built with ADA specs for doorways and counter top heights. When God provides the funds to do that, we will build. At our ages, it is not a wise steward to go into high debt. We are trusting the Lord to provide funds to build, purchase a lot, and get us living in a safe user friendly house that will get us past the moments and into the future. I m told, needed funds will be in the 90 thousand range for materials. Labor will be donated from One Family One Purpose Volunteers from LaHarpe, IL. They are willing to build the house.

Pray that funds will come in for a one-level house and that we will know where to build. Pray that Vikki's dizzy issues will improve, and that her heart and kidneys will continue to do well. We go back to the kidney doctor soon to see how her kidneys are doing for their cleanup act.

Don's mother, Margaret Hunt, turned 90 on March 9. All of her three sons, Don, Ron, and Rich and all of her grandchildren, great grand children, and one great great grand daughter are all coming to Iowa this week to celebrate. Her family lives in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Colorado, Missouri, and Iowa. Everyone will be together only this coming Friday, March 23.

Vikki is blessed to be able to join in the fun with family.

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The Gateway Singers sing Easter Sunday, April 1st, at "The Church" at Fourth and Washington in Ottumwa.  This will be our first concert with Vikki back singing with us. Pray that her hearing loss will allow her to do well and that our emotions and voices will hold up as well.


Our Mission

Making the most of every opportunity that God sends us by:

  • Sharing the "good news" through song and word
  • Encouraging Christians in their daily walk
  • Instructing believers and unchurched families about building healthy relationships
  • Lifting the spirits of the hurting and those facing crisis moments
  • Challenging and inspiring Christians to:


              a) Love God.  (with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind)

               b) Love people.  (Love your neighbor as yourself)

         c) Serve both. (challenge people to involve themselves in serving others)

The purpose statement of every Christian is to lead people to FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. The Gateway Singers use music and the spoken Word to lead people to Jesus. It's ALL about Him!

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The Gateways lead worship with a variety of music styles; acappella, old-time  gospel, country, and contemporary. We carry our own BOSE sound system and keep the volume level comfortable for everyone. To schedule a concert, please email us at: or complete a request form.

Ministry Profile

We are a two family team: Don and Vikki Hunt family and Dave and Jan McSpadden family. Both the Hunt's and McSpadden's have three children each who are involved in their own personal ministries, lives, and jobs in IA, MO, CO,GA, and AZ. There are20 grandchildren between the two families and, Lord willing, one additional "Little Gateway" grandchild will arrive in Iowa, May of 2015.

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Dave McSpadden Ph.D., is a counselor with 40 years of experience --specializing in family, marriage, addictions, and personal counseling. Dave holds marriage enrichments and parenting seminars connected with Gateway Singers Ministry Inc. programming and Midwest Therapeutic Clinic.

Don Hunt II is a Pastoral Counselor with National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and does crisis counseling and Coping with Crisis presentations connected with Gateway Singers Ministry programming and Relief Ministries.

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