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Psalms 104:33-34 "I will Sing to the Lord all my life; I will Sing praises to my God as long as I live. May my thoughts (meditations) be pleasing to Him. As I rejoice (am happy) in the Lord".

Vikki Hunt update

Thursday, Dec 28, 2017 How quickly life can change within a few hours. Who would of thought that a single moment in time would make so many chanes in our family, ministry, and future. Many friends and family have been praying for Vikki Hunt since her horrific car accident on Saturday, October 14. Both of Vikki's lower legs were crushed between her knees and her ankles with numerous compound fractures. It took 1.5 hours for the jaws of life to get her out of the car. She was life-flighted from Ottumwa hospital to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines and coded twice. After arriving in DM, she was given over 23 units of blood. She went through several surgeries attempting to save both of her lower legs.

She was on life support for over a week during the many surgeries. Mercy trauma team suggested she be transferred to Iowa City Hospital for a fresh set of eyes. It was deemed that both of her lower legs were too damaged to save. During the many days in both hospitals, fluid began to gather around her heart. Her body had tried for too long to heal her two lower legs and starved her kidneys for blood, food, and oxygen. So she has been on dialysis since being in Iowa City. Before the dialysis treatments began, the kidney doctors in Iowa City tried to use medications and her kidneys to reduce the fluid around her heart. In so doing, two of the meds took 60% of her hearing.

So we went to Iowa City hoping to save her two lower legs and after 2.5 week there, Iowa City sent Vikki back to Mercy in Des Moines without either of her lower legs, no kidney function, and also without 60% of her hearing.

All the while so many people were praying for Vikki. We are confident that is why Vikki is still with us. Her spirits are good and she is determined to walk again with prosthetic lower legs. Iowa City ortho surgeons were able to save a few inches of both her of her lower legs below her knees. This will make it a bit easier to learn to walk again with two prosthetic lower limbs. 

Vikki is now in acute rehab at Mercy in Des Moines. We have a very long ways to go, yet there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Please keep praying for her kidney function to return and that her kidneys will be able to clean her blood.

December 30, 2017  Vikki has been back in acute rehab for two days. She is getting stronger and working o transissioning from wheel chair to bed and to chair. It takes allot of strength and patieecessary nce to accomplish. Without lower legs, a personis center of gravity changes. We use our lower legs to balance our body's weight. She is learning and doing well with PT, OT, and speech therapy.

Even though she goes #1 once or twice each day, she is still on a 3 day a week dialysis schedule. Please continue to pray that her kidneys will completely wake up and not only eleminate liquid but do an effective job of cleaning her blood.

Not much happens in a hospital over the holidays.  We thank so many who have sent Vikki and Don cards of encouragement and love-gifts to help us. Your prayers, note of encouragement, and well wishes mean allot to us. The hours and days get rather long in a hospital after you have been there for a few weeks. Vikki looks forward to receiving the mail each day.


Iowa is in a deep freeze as we speak. Matt's famly will stop by here tomorrow on their way back home. The cold and holidays are keeping most our families closer to their homes, so Vikki and I are spending the days together here at Mercy Hospital. Lord willing, we will update this site after the first of the year.

Don will keep a current post on th is website.

December 31, 2017  I am looking across Vikki's hospital room at Vikki sitting in her hospital bed on this new years eve. I realize how blessed we both are! We are both grateful we have ended this year with each other. This script could have ended so much different if God had not kept Vikki alive around 3 pm on October 14 and answered so many prayers on Vikki's behalf. We have been living in a hospital room since mid October.

Words cannot thank you enough for caring enough to pray. We ppreciate all your prayers, cards of encouragement with personal notes, and love-gifts you have sent to help us get Vikki on towards potentially walking again.  We have a very long ways to before Vikki is strong enough to even consider going home, let along being vertical again.  Yet each day, we are one day closer to going home.

This Tuesday, they are suppose to tell us our "out" date from acute rehab here at Mercy hospital. So many things have to fall in place before going home can ever happen. We have many modification / changes that must be done to our house before Vikki can go home. Pray that things will come together for that to be a reality. We believe, "With God all things are possible".

Today, our oldest son Matthew and his family stopped by to see us on their way home to CO. They took us down to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was a nice change. Today. was a successful day of therapy for Vikki. Tomorrow, New Years Day, all the therapy depts are closed.  Dialysis will again happened on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this coming week. Hopefully when the holidays are over, they will get her back on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday dialysis rotation.  Vikki is able to go #1 a couple of times each day, yet her kidneys are not able to clean her blood well enough to keep her healthy without dialysis. There is still hope!  Please keep on praying to that end! 

God bless and we will post again next year. We thank you for your friendships and belief in us and our future opportunities to serve the Lord.

January 3, 2018  This is our first post this new year. Vikki is in acute rehab and putting in her time between PT, OT, and speech therapy sessions each day. She does 3 hours of therapy five days each week plus 9 hours of dialysis each week.

We are expecting to hear tomorrow, January 4, about a release date for Vikki. She is getting stronger and her vitals are improoving. In fact, this afternoon Vikki went to her 3 hour dialysis treatment at 1:30. Around 3:15, they came and told Vikki they were stopping her dialysis treatment today. They said she had been peeing more urine and said they were keeping their eye on her future with dialysis. So PTL and please keep on praying that her kidneys will again function normally.  God is answering our prayers!

Also we are needing to make many changes / modifications to our house in order for Vikki and me to go back home to live. Here is some more good news!

The Kairos Benevolent Fund from Irvine, CA has a goal to raise 20 grand to help us pay medical bills and make needed modifications to our house. Below is an excerpt from their letter to us. They have a $10,000 matching donation, so your gift you share is doubled until they reach their 20 grand goal.

We have many changes to make including a ground level addition with a 22 x 22 garage with a master bath and master closet on the back side of the garage. This will allow Vikki to enter our home from the garage and have a bathroom she can actually use in our house. The other two bathrooms on the top level of our house are not useable for Vikki to use the stool or bathe.

Our current garage is under the house and Vikki cannot climb the steep stairs. Plus I cannot push vikki's wheel chair outside through the yard to the outside ramp to get her inside.

Funds are needed to put on the addition. Twenty grand will not do this project plus make needed changes in our kitchen, move the laundry up stairs, remove the carpet in our house and install hardwood looking composite floors that are user friendly for wheel chair use and/or walking with two prothetic lower legs. Thank you for your generous spirits!  All love gifts to the Kairos Benevolent Fund or Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc. are tax deductable. From the Kairos Benevolent Fund. As follows:

Donations can be easily made online. Simply go online to and select the Don & Vikki Hunt Campaign. Or, mail your check payable to KBF at:


Kairos Benevolence Fund – Don & Vikki Hunt Campaign

PO Box 19700

Irvine, CA 92623-9700

Fellow Servants of Jesus.

Don and Vikki Hunt,

Please designate your love-gift for Vikki Hunt fund


January 4, 2018  Great news today. Vikki's "out date" is, January 14.  This will make 91 days in the hospital.  So we have 10 more days for Vikki to regain additional strength, upper body skills, and practice transissioning from wheel chair to bed, to commode or to recliner and/or SUV car seat. We both need more experience before going to our home. Also we don't have much time to make some key modifications to the inside of our house.

If you read yesterday's post above, we could use some volunteers who have some time to come help us with modifications. We thank ou for your continued prayers for Vikki. We have a very long ways to go before Vikki is verticle again and walking with two lower leg prosthetics. And thank you for your love-gifts that il help us with med bills, home modifications, and life in general. These physical challenges and adjustments will be with us the rest of our lives. Nothing like this goes away. Your gifts help us now and in the future. By the middle of next week, send all cards, letters, and corespondance to our home address.

Don and Vikki Hunt 

20421 E Terra Vista 

Centerville, IA  52544

Pray that Vikki's kidneys will effectively clean her blood and produce enough urine volume. She went #1 a few times today totalling 875 CCs. They want 1000 CCs each day of clean urine.  Until that happens, Vikki is still on the dialysis schedule 3 days each week. Hopefullr Vikki will get her hearing aids before we leave Mercy hospital. Thos two little impotant aids are 3 grand each.  And medicare and our supplement do not cover hearing aids cost. They are not considered necessary but luxury items. Amazing! Thanks again for all your prayers and friendships over the 48 years of Gateway Singers Ministry.

January 8, 2018 Rejoice with us! Rejoice, Rejoice twice with us as we praise the Lord.  Vikki gets to go home this Sunday, January 14. Her accident was Saturday, October 14. So 91 days later, she is headed back home. What a journey this has been for her. Thank to you prayers Vikki is living, thinking, smiling, and getting back to her own self again.

And our second praise...her kidneys have begun cleaning again. They took her off the dialysis schedule this morning. This is a genuine, real, and awesome praise! 

I will explain a bit more in a seperate post as to how this happened.  We all know that God's hand nd heart was smiling Vikki's way, as Almighty God listened to many heart-felt prayers of so many Christian friends on Vikki's behalf. We all prayed about her kidney's needing to wake up. And they have! God answered in His time. We are rejoicing and praising God for no further dialysis. 

We are also very thankful for the medical help, trained doctors and nurses, techs, etc. Without their skills, meds, and interventions on several occassions, we would not be going home this coming Sunday.

We have a very long ways to go before Vikki is vertical again. We have done some minor modifications to our house for us to get Vikki into our house and just to try living there.  In order for us to stay there long-term, many more modifications will be necessary. As plans develope, we will share more with you.

Please keep Vikki's phsical strength and continued function of her kidneys in your prayers. We are still on the fringe of getting and staying out of the dialysis woods with her kidneys. Hearing aids are next and continued healing is necessary on her residual limbs before she can begin the prosthetic journey. Vikki is determined to walk again and will tell you so with a genuine focused smile. 

Vikki has allot of grit and determiniation as she does her therapy here in acute rehab.  Pray for that to continue at home. That's where reality will set in! Pray for our adjustments at home to be smooth for both of us.  Thank you. We will post again a couple of times this week as we approach Vikki's release and going home celebration!

January 11, 2018  Vikki continues with 3 hours a day of rehab therapy. PT is teaching both of us transferring skills between wheel chair to bed, to potty, to recliner, to car passenger front seat. They have a simulator car seat.  We tried getting int our SUV, but that was to tall of a car seat from too short of a wheelchair seat. The loaner wheelchair they are sending us home with is 4 inches tall, so hopefully we can make that work. If not, we will need to look for different transportation that will be easier for her to transfer into the vehicle.

Vikkis kidneys continue to produce and clean. Her lab numbers are where they need to be a stay off dialysis. PTL!

We have Friday and Saturday left in the hospital and then Sunday, we are headed home!

Pray for Vikki's upper body strength to continue to get stronger. Pray for her lower legs to heal so the prosthetic process can begin. And pray for leading of the Lord to be evident in how to modify our house to be user friendly for Vikki.

Thank you all for your prayers over the last 3 months. The accident happened on October 14 and we will be headed home on January 14.

We have felt your prayerful support over these past 90 plus days. God has listened to and answered many prayers. No, they couldn't save Vikki's damaged lower legs. God dd did wake up her kidneys and that's a huge praise! dialysis kept her alive, yet that's a very difficult and limited life. Her hearing loss they say is permanent, so hearing aids are Vikki's only option.

I can't talk and she can't hear. Life will be interesting at our house as we adjust! Yet we both a living miracles and we have to count our blessings and not count our bruises. Thank you for continuing to pray.

Don & Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista 

Centerville, IA  52544


from Centerville and Ottumwa, Iowa are are a traveling worship team in their 48th year of ministry. Dave and Jan McSpadden and Don and Vikki Hunt have teamed together since 1969 to create some of the sweetest harmonious sounds in gospel music. Both Dave McSpadden and Don Hunt are ordained ministers. We are a two-family ministry, our wives being sisters. Ministry has taken us to 45 states including Hawaii and Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.We have recorded 20 albums available on eleven CDs, available from the MUSIC STORE on this web site and at our appearances. (If you click on MUSIC STORE and then click on a specific CD's URL, you can listen to a few samples of some of our recordings.)

Click here to send us an e-mail when you would like for the Gateways to sing and/or speak at the church you attend, for a town celebration, at a civic organization, sing and lead worship for a conference or seniors event, fill in for your minister or worship leader when on vacation, etc.,

Our Mission

Making the most of every opportunity that God sends us by:

  • Sharing the "good news" through song and word
  • Encouraging Christians in their daily walk
  • Instructing believers and unchurched families about building healthy relationships
  • Lifting the spirits of the hurting and those facing crisis moments
  • Challenging and inspiring Christians to:


              a) Love God.  (with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind)

               b) Love people.  (Love your neighbor as yourself)

         c) Serve both. (challenge people to involve themselves in serving others)

The purpose statement of every Christian is to lead people to FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. The Gateway Singers use music and the spoken Word to lead people to Jesus. It's ALL about Him!

Our Music

The Gateways lead worship with a variety of music styles; acappella, old-time  gospel, country, and contemporary. We carry our own BOSE sound system and keep the volume level comfortable for everyone. To schedule a concert, please email us at: or complete a request form.

Ministry Profile

We are a two family team: Don and Vikki Hunt family and Dave and Jan McSpadden family. Both the Hunt's and McSpadden's have three children each who are involved in their own personal ministries, lives, and jobs in IA, MO, CO,GA, and AZ. There are20 grandchildren between the two families and, Lord willing, one additional "Little Gateway" grandchild will arrive in Iowa, May of 2015.

                            Don & Vikki Hunt                  Jan & Dave McSpadden



Dave McSpadden Ph.D., is a counselor with 40 years of experience --specializing in family, marriage, addictions, and personal counseling. Dave holds marriage enrichments and parenting seminars connected with Gateway Singers Ministry Inc. programming and Midwest Therapeutic Clinic.

Don Hunt II is a Pastoral Counselor with National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and does crisis counseling and Coping with Crisis presentations connected with Gateway Singers Ministry programming and Relief Ministries.

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